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I did a lot of research before deciding to purchase a breeding pair of Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS) pigs in the Fall of 2010. I've never regretted that decision. We love these pigs!


Just like their ancestors, all our pigs are raised on pasture and fed fresh fruit and vegetables from our farm and other sources, local brewers grains, and whey from a local creamery. We also supplement with probiotics and natural wormers. In return, the pigs prep our growing beds by tilling and fertilizing! We use temporary electronet fencing to easily move them to new areas and they have straw-filled huts to shelter them from the weather.


Bonnie, Bella, and Bryna are excellent mothers and very calm. Like big dogs, they love to have their backs and tummies rubbed. They don't get upset at all when we handle the piglets.


We sell breeding stock and custom processed pork. See below for more information.


Lard pigs develop a nice layer of back fat and also have a wonderful marbling in their meat. Some of the best tasting pork and bacon are from GOS pigs.


Unlike industrial breeds, these pigs were bred to live and farrow (give birth) on pasture so they are an ideal outdoor breed that is tough and hardy. They do well in a forest environment also.


Old Spots are placid and easily managed. They are excellent and prolific mothers.


History of the Breed


GOS pigs are the oldest spotted pedigree breed of pig in the world. Also known as the Cottage pig or Orchard pig, this heritage breed is originally from the UK where they were popular with small family farms and raised on dairy by-products (such as whey) and orchard "drop fruit."


Once revered for their high-fat yield, the GOS pigs were an important producer of flavorful meats, lard, and bristle hair.


With the shift in dietary trends, the demand for lard-producing pigs decreased. Coupled with the Post WWII industrialization of agriculture, farmers were less interested in self-sufficient grazing breeds than they were in breeds easily kept indoors.


The Old Spots breed was re-established in the US in 1996 with the importation of 20 piglets from the UK. Today, GOSA Pigs of America serves as the registry. On that site, you will find more details on the history and breeders.


Breeding Stock For Sale

Please see our Livestock For Sale page.


Pork For Sale


Our pigs are custom slaughtered onsite. We have a limited number of animals available. You may purchase a 1/2 or whole hog. Please email to inquire about availability.


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I like pigs. Dogs look up to men, cats look down on them, but pigs just treat us as equals.
--Winston Churchill

Gilts enjoying an apple treat, December, 2011.

Gilbert in December, 2010 snow.

Bonnie and her first litter ready to go to pasture.

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