Two years of Zoom classes – What have we learned from online education?

When we started Zoom Education, we set out to create the best online classes in the world. Now, after two years of teaching over a thousand students in our online courses, we have learned a lot about what makes a great online class. We’ve seen how the internet has changed education and how it can be used to help all types of learners. In this blog post, we’ll share some of these learnings with you so that you too can see how technology is changing the way we learn today!

Inclusive and accessible

Online classes can be modified to meet the needs of students with disabilities. For example, in a traditional classroom setting, a student who is blind may not be able to see the instructor’s slides or notes. However, an online class has no physical limitations and allows students to use tools such as screen readers and Braille keyboards that allow them to access information from their computer screens. This may allow them to participate more actively in the class discussion and take better notes than they would otherwise be able to do in person.

Online classes are accessible for people with disabilities because they are available at anytime of day or night and can be completed without leaving home. This gives individuals greater flexibility around their schedules compared with those who attend regular college courses held during daytime hours only. People were also able to learn foreign languages by having online lessons with native speakers. It’s exciting to learn a language like Portuguese and understand phrases like bwin bónus de boas-vindas.

Online classes are the future of education. Online classes are more accessible, flexible, and affordable than traditional classroom learning. They can be interactive and personalized with the use of digital content or webinars. Importantly, online learning can be more efficient than traditional classroom learning because it removes some barriers to access (e.g., location and scheduling). Finally, online education is also effective in that it has been shown to improve outcomes on standardized tests as well as higher order thinking skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

More than teaching

Online classes are not just about teaching. The ability to collaborate, conduct research, and engage in professional development make online learning a powerful tool for practitioners and educators alike. As an educator, it’s important to keep in mind the ways that you can use technology as a tool for learning beyond the classroom itself; this will help you maximize your students’ education while also improving their own practice. 

Student-centered learning

Online classes are a great place to learn at your own pace. In a traditional class, you’re limited by the number of students in the classroom and their ability to answer questions. If there are 10 people in the room and no one knows what they’re doing, chances are that more time will be spent answering questions than actually working on the course material.

We’re excited about the future of education. We think that the lessons we have learned from online classes will help improve education not just for students, but also for teachers and administrators. Everyone who has tried it has come away with a new appreciation of how much value there can be in an online class.

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